Sri Thukaram Ganapathi of Kadayanaloor
Sri Tukaram Ganapathi was born in a family of bhajan singers in a religious place- Kadayanallur, 16 kilometres, north of the famous Courtrallam in Tirunelveli District. His original name is Sri. K.V. Ganapathi Moorthy. Right from his childhood, he has taken a liking to singing bhajans, especially the "Abhangas".

He has been a disciple of Sri Sri Krishnapremi Maharaj, who conferred the title "TUKARAM" on him in recognition of his devotion to Marathi Abhangas. He also received Deeksha for Varakari Sampradaya Sankirtan from Sri Sri Papabanda Maharaj, one of the descendents of Santh Gnaneshwar Maharaj. Thukaram Ganapathi has traveled to Pandarpur by foot (Pada Yatra) singing the Abhangas with his melodious voice accompanied by his followers.

He has been performing Sangita Upanyasams and bhajans at various places throughout the country and has been awarded the title "Bagavatha Kainkaryamani" by the Travancore Maharaj (King of Travancore) himself. He was also conferred the title "Bhajana Bhushan" by the Marathi School and Maharashtra Association.  Several Abhang Melas have been conducted all over the country under his guidance and presidentship.

Sri Tukaram Ganpathi

Vittoba Bhajan Mandali
He formed the Vittoba Bhajan Mandali and is training a number of people in singing Abhangas, particularly in Varakari Sampradaya, which is his special liking and mastery. His Bhakthi towards Lord Panduranga is so immense and has installed the statues of Lord Panduranga and Rakhumayee at his own residence- Vittal Vihar. Please click on the audio clippings to hear the Abhangas of Vittoba Bhajan Mandali.

Gosamrekshanaa Trust
He is also running a Goshaala called Gosamrakshana at his residence in Kadayanallur, giving protection to aged cows. Gosamrakshana fills the needs of like-minded people whose intentions are to support the existence of such aged cows and save them from slaughter.

Panduranga Seva Samithi
He has also formed the Panduranga Seva Samithi, through which he is taking care of a temple of Lord Panduranga at Vittalapuram in Tirunelveli District to conduct the daily pooja for the temple which was deserted for many years.
Sri Tukaram Ganpathi

Abhang Namasankeertana
He has released six cassette albums of Abhangas, (each album contains 2 cassettes) lacing them with tamil explanations, the proceeds of which go to the maintenance of this goshaala. They are :

  • Nisi Dini Dyaye Santha Sangha

  • Pavalo Pandari Vaikunta Bhuvana

  • Sakala Mangalanidhi

  • Prema Preethi Naama

  • Sampoorna Haripat

  • Sadhguru Mahima

A few more are in the process of getting released ...

In short, the Abhangas - bakthi hymns of Gnanadev, Thukaram, Namdev and Janabai etc. that worship Vittala through musical words gains significance through Sri. Thukaram Ganapathi's melodious music being backed by his bakthi, idealism and simplicity. He has also been performing Akanda Sankeertan, a three day festival at his house inviting other leading abhang musicians from all over the country and has been conducting Sri Sri Krishna Premi Maharaj's Sapthaham in his place for over a decade now.




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